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Cici Norwell's life is anything but magical.  Escaping her pageant queen stepmother and her two mean stepsisters is Cici's plan until a chance encounter one Saturday morning with the newest member of the cross-country team, Deke Encantador.

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Bronwyn Clancy would do anything to get close to her long time crush, Adam Greenville, Senior Captain of the A-Team. But when she's stuck tutoring twenty athletes, including CJ Dennison, will she be smart enough to listen to her heart?

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Bonnie Libros wants nothing more than to get back to her life in the city. But instead she finds herself stuck at Camp Castlewood with a new summer job working with Clay Sylvester, an experienced outdoorsman and the rudest guy Bonnie has ever met. But as rumors of the camp's future fly, Bonnie and Clay grow closer. Can they save Camp Castlewood ?

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