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Mary-Kate Thomas

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A retelling of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella, Pumpkin Run is Book 1 in the Castlewood High Tales, a clean & wholesome high school romance series.

Even though she’s a junior at Castlewood High, Cici Norwell’s life is anything but magical. She spends her days cooking and cleaning for her stepmother, a badly aging beauty pageant queen, and doing homework for her two mean girl stepsisters, Stacie and Drew, all while trying to earn straight A’s so she can one day escape to college… and freedom.

But Cici’s life takes an unexpected turn one fateful Saturday morning when she’s running late for work as a forbidden shortcut leads her to cross paths with Coach Z and his newest recruit, a fast-footed new student named Deke Encantador. Trying to avoid detention, Cici shows up for cross-country tryouts the next day. But before she can race toward a different future, Cici’s stepmother steps in to control her destiny with a wicked plot to keep Cici away from running, Deke, and any hope of a life of her own.

Pumpkin Run Feb 2023.jpg

Team Peabrain

A retelling of the classic fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea, Team Peabrain is Book 2 in the Castlewood High Tales, a clean & wholesome high school romance series.

Bronwyn Clancy would do anything to win the title of junior captain of the Academic Team at Castlewood High School so she can get close to her long time crush, Adam Greenville, the senior captain of the A-Team. From volunteering to chair the thankless Castlewood High Redirection Project to taking two science classes her junior year taught by Mrs. Monnark, the A-Team advisor, Bronwyn is sure that being named junior captain of the A-Team would help her win both a college scholarship and Adam's heart.

But when Bronwyn gets dragged into the middle of a cheating scandal in Mrs. Monnark's geology class, she finds herself stuck with the task of tutoring twenty athletes, including CJ Dennison, the school’s wrestling team champion who brags that his favorite book is the score book… because it's all about him. With her chance for junior captain of the A-Team on the line, Bronwyn must prove to Mrs. Monnark - and to herself - that she's the smartest girl in the junior class.

_Team Peabrain Jan 2023.jpg


A retelling of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, Camp Castlewood is Book 3 in the Castlewood High Tales, a clean & wholesome high school romance series.

When Bonnie Libros finds out she's leaving the big city to move to Castlewood where she'll go to high school for the first time in her life, she wishes she could stay behind with her Aunt Alma who homeschooled Bonnie after her mom died. But with her dad taking a new teaching job in the science department at Castlewood High, Bonnie has no choice but to pack up her favorite books and move to Castlewood the summer before her junior year.

Even worse, Bonnie's dad tells her they'll be living at Camp Castlewood for the summer while he works as the camp's STEM Director. When Bonnie ends up with an unexpected summer job at the camp, she’s stuck with Clay Sylvester, an experienced outdoorsman who's rough around the edges and wants nothing to do with a city girl like Bonnie. But as rumors swirl that it might be the last summer for Camp Castlewood, Clay and Bonnie grow closer.

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